Assembly presents “49/23” by US-based artist Gregory Eddi Jones. This collection represents a nuanced, visually layered reflection on how old technology gives way to new, and brings forward questions about how we may reckon with such a radical shift in our understanding of what photography can be in the 21st century. “49/23” is digital collage series that blends AI-generated images over vintage photography magazine pages, building a conceptual bridge between photography’s past and future while exploring the disruptions posed by AI toward photographic tradition. To make these images, AI imagery is produced by responding to the existing images and text of the source pages. They are then woven into the pages to produce intricate image/text interplays. The ‘photographs’ also reflect various core themes, including ideas of imitation, popular photography, futurism, and mechanisms of visual production, while often nodding to significant moments in the medium’s history.


Gregory Eddi Jones is a post-photographic artist, writer, and theorist whose work explores new frontiers of photography and its historical, cultural, and technological contexts. At the heart of his practice, he employs appropriation and digital collage techniques as means to update past photographic and literary traditions for the present day. Jones' work has been shown and published worldwide, with recent exhibitions including Images Vevey Biennial (Vevey, Switzerland), FotoFest Biennial (Houston, TX), Asama International Photo Festival (Miyota, Japan), and FOAM Talent (Amsterdam, New York, London, and Frankfurt). His work has been published in FOAM Magazine, VICE, British Journal of Photography, The Guardian, Revista Balam, IMA Magazine, Elephant, Wallpaper, LensCulture, and 1000 Words, among others.

Jones became active in Web3 in Spring 2021, and has played leading roles within the NFT photography community in various capacities: as the Principle Writer/Copy Editor for Fellowship, Former Editor of Obscura Journal, Former Editor of PhotoVerso, and Co-Organizer of Imag3Aid, an NFT photography fundraiser that raised over $80,000 for Ukrainian humanitarian relief in April of 2022. 49/23 is Jones' third major NFT collection release, following Promise Land (Oct. 2021) and Hanami Blocks (Obscura Foundry Commission, Feb. 2022).