Assembly presents "/CLOUD/" by Barry Stone, a project inspired by Alfred Steiglitz’s, “Equivalents,” a series of iconic cloud studies made from 1922-30. Stieglitz’s pictures were not intended to describe the material nature of clouds, but rather express the artist’s inner emotional state. 100 years after Steiglitz, Stone’s photographs were taken with a digital camera and manipulated by rearranging their code with a hexadecimal editor used by programmers. The resulting chance operations create a new version of each cloud, altered with its own digital “material.” Clouds seen in nature are highly variable ephemeral structures that are shaped and animated by our imaginations. Each photograph presented here continues this cycle of endless possibility, open to the meaning that each viewer brings to the subject.


Austin-based artist Barry Stone creates data-bent photographs that connect chance operation to the human experience. Stone's select solo exhibitions include Expanded Geographies, Lianzhou Foto Festival, Lianzhou, China; New Weather Weaves New Garments, James Harris Gallery, Seattle; and Highway 71 Revisited, Lawndale Art Center, Houston. Stone’s work has also been exhibited at the International Center for Photography and Artist’s Space, New York and the Austin Museum of Art, Texas, and is included in the public collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Henry Art Gallery, Seattle.