El Nuevo Mundo

Assembly presents "El Nuevo Mundo" by Cristina Velásquez, a lyrical collection of photographs that question the colonial legacies of the “new world,” a term used to describe the Americas during the so-called “age of discovery.” At once playful and critical, this work highlights the absurdity of the Western gaze through cropped, gestural performances captured before her lens. The truth weaves in and out of these photographs through the artist’s sculptural arrangements, highlighting what the viewer can and cannot see. Together, the artist and the viewer engage in a collaborative performance of questions about race, class, and labor distribution in Latin America.


Cristina Velásquez is an artist working primarily with photography and weaving. Her work examines postcolonial structures of power in Latin America, such as race, class, and labor distribution. She is interested in the way one culture translates another, and how inevitably, a dominant culture sanitizes and reduces the other in a subtle, and not so subtle, continuity of colonialism. Velásquez’s work resists this legacy from the perspective of her native Colombia. Most recent recognitions include Regeneration 4, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne (2020); the Light Work Artist-In-Residence program (2019); the Carol Crow Fellowship (2019); and the Kris Graves Project, Lost II Book Prize (2019). Velásquez's work has been shown widely including exhibitions at Musée de l’Elysée, ICP Museum, ArtBo, MoMA PS1, International Center of Photography, and Houston Center for Photography, in addition to being held in numerous private and public collections.