Assembly and Gnomic Book present “Lakeside” by Virginia-based photographer, Shane Rocheleau. This NFT collection tackles the historical contradictions of white supremacy as they manifest in present day suburban Virginia. The images metaphorically and distinctly connect the people and landscapes in Rocheleau’s home of Lakeside, VA with the current state of America. Rocheleau grew up knowing, liking and spending time with his neighbors. Now, he looks askance at too many of them, and too many return the gesture—one that hurts. Physical communities from the micro to the macro are disintegrating. In “Lakeside” Rocheleau shows that we must contend with and embrace truth, American flaws and injustices, communal suffering, the humanity of all persons, and each other. We must believe that there is a possibility for redemption, true community, and love with an honest reckoning. “Lakeside” is a representation of spaces initially built to feign the “American Exceptionalism” written to redact America’s oppugnant reality. Lakeside, VA is also a place with 11,000 people doing the best they can, ugly and beautiful things alike, while drowning in the reality that dreaming gets far less than its promise.

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Shane Rocheleau is an American photographer whose work confronts the endemic position of toxic masculinity and white supremacy within the American experience. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Ukraine, The United Kingdom, India, and Germany. His photographs have been featured in a wide variety of online and print publications, including Aperture’s The PhotoBook Review, Dear Dave Magazine, The Heavy Collective, Paper Journal, and The Washington Post. Rocheleau’s three monographs – You Are Masters Of The Fish And Birds And All The Animals (2018), The Reflection In The Pool (2019), and Lakeside (2022) – are published by Gnomic Book and variously collected by the Museum of Modern Art, the Vogue Italia Collection, Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma, and Tate Britain, amongst others. Rocheleau currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.


Gnomic Book

Gnomic Book is an independent fine art imprint founded in 2016 and based in Portland, OR, with a focus on developing challenging projects by emerging artists in small, high-quality editions that explore the notion of book as object. Three Gnomic projects have been shortlisted for the Aperture / Paris Photo First Book Awards, and all of our books, present and future, are collected by the MoMA Library.