One Star and a Dark Voyage

Assembly and Sasha Wolf present "One Star and a Dark Voyage," the genesis collection from acclaimed photographer Barbara Bosworth. This project, made with Bosworth’s customary 8x10 camera, speaks to our connections with nature: bear paws hauntingly human, roses cut to bring beauty indoors, a swan hunted for Christmas dinner. The visceral and the ethereal intermingle here to build a sense of the delicate and fragile nature of life, at a place where the edges of heaven and earth blur. In "One Star and a Dark Voyage," we are brought into intimate communion with such things as a wound on a sun-freckled shin, a worm as stigmata in a child’s hand, a bird lying in a cupped hand, a body hovering in the darkness—all evoking the ephemeral nature of life. The result: a collection of photographs that functions as a journey, where weight becomes light. The beautiful and the terrible, all interconnected, all the same. Always seeking home.

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Barbara Bosworth is a photographer whose large-format images explore both overt and subtle relationships between humans and the rest of the natural world. Whether chronicling the efforts of hunters or bird banders or evoking the seasonal changes that transform mountains and meadows, Bosworth’s caring attention to the world around her results in images that similarly inspire viewers to look closely. Bosworth’s work has been widely exhibited, notably in recent retrospectives at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona.

Sasha Wolf Projects is a private art space that specializes in the advocacy and placement of photographic art by some of the most exciting emerging, mid and late-career photographers and process artists. All of the gallery artists are in important private and public collections including: Museum of Modern Art (NY), Getty Museum (Los Angeles), National Gallery of Art ( Washington, DC),  Nelson-Atkins (St Louis. MO) and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art among others.